Here to report in on February! Sir!

Yes I know it is March now (do you like my Spring-y new header by the way? It was made with photos I took last March! Isn’t that encouraging?!)
I’m all for leaving February in the past where it belongs, but! I resolved to check in about my resolutions each month.  I’ve added some concentrated effort to a few really important areas of my life now that we have started the Momedy Sketch Community Challenge but I’m (mostly) steadily working on a few things I would strive to do when I started this year. Let us review my 10 resolutions shall we?
1. A photo a day. Yes! (And often, many more Winking smile ) So much fun! I love instagram! Follow me on instagram here. I find it a soothing ritual at the end of the day to pic a photo for my "sayer daily” hash-tag and I already love looking back on pics which trigger memories of  each day.
2.I have replaced reading from the Book of Mormon every day this month with some broader study. I teach the youth Sunday school class at church and we are following this program. I really like studying the gospel in themes this way. I think it makes sense and it’s working for me. Not sure if it is cheating to combine my lesson prep with my personal study though. Winking smile I think I’m going to go back to adding at least a few verses of  Book of Mormon (chronological) study.
3. Check. I did have a nice Valentine’s dinner for some friends and family. And hopefully I will do more this month.
4.Fell of the wagon in a BIG way regarding meal planning this month but we are back in the saddle. So help me!  A friend posted something on our community challenge wall which I feel will solve the major issues to us coming unstuck. I am quite excited!
5. A total FAIL in this department. My house was mostly just gross all month. I found it most depressing.  In keeping with one of my Community Challenge goals, I’m recommitted to the Flylady this month.  It is here that I would like to add a small but powerful epiphany I had this week which will probably be a “no duh” everyone else who reads it.   I was lamenting to a friend, as I sat in my PJ’s in the squalor of my wrecked living room that I really missed the person I was before I had Ella. I was thin and fit and I had a really clean and organized house most of the time.  I baked bread! I volunteered in the community and did lots of fun things for and with my kids.  And then suddenly I got really really irritated with myself and this whiny, ridiculous refrain. I am STILL THE SAME PERSON. For GOSH SAKES. If I did before, I can do it again. The only thing stopping me is ME! Sure I have a few different circumstances now but they don’t change who I fundamentally am. They don’t change the fact that I have done things in the past, I have proven I can do them and I so can certainly do them again if I choose to. And I do.
This ridiculous mental BB/AB (before baby/after baby) block has got to go. The “baby” is almost 2 now. That excuse has expired. I need to get out of my own way.  I AM OVER IT.
Do you miss the person you used to be in any regard? Did you used to be more active? Eat more healthily? Be more spiritual? Serve other people more? Well then, do it again.  Don’t set yourself up for failure and disappointment by expecting yourself to be back to where you were overnight of course, but decide that you CAN, nothing is in your way but YOU- and get back track. You know you can BECAUSE YOU HAVE BEFORE!
6. Yes, I have several non-rubbishing books going on right now. So that’s nice.
7. NO!!! I am desperately errant in this! Desperately! I have written one or two in the last month but I have at least 10 more to write so I guess I will be playing catch up later tonight.
8. Due to some “school lunch borrowing” we are a “few” bucks short. Not terribly but I think it is clear that the “stash” will be moved out of a jar and into a bank account in the morning.
9. I have been actively working on this. Haha! Get it. I so punny. I’m feeling positive about it. Email me if you want awesome personal training at rock bottom (did it again!!!) prices.  Seriously, you will not regret (neither will your rock bottom).
10. I’m a freaking rock star at this one. Go me!
Do you want to know about my other goals? Join us!  It’s never too late. We are having a great time and making things happen. Email me: kirstydotsayeratgmaildotcom and I will hook you up.

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Angie said...

I am reading your blog a bit to confirm a suspicion I had after reading your post on today's mamapedia newsletter. This one does it - I knew you were Mormon.