If you give a mom a glass of water….

She can put some essential oils in it
Which will make her feel healthier (and virtuous)  and more energized right away
She’ll like that feeling so she’ll make herself a healthy breakfast
Her baby will want to share the healthy breakfast
Which will make the mother really happy
Mom being happy makes baby happy
They’ll both be in a good mood
Which will give them lots of positive energy
Which they will use to do lots of housework
Which will make them both thirsty
Which will make them want to drink more  nutrient infused water
Which will make the mom need to go to the loo (often)
Which will keep her from sitting down too long and getting sidetracked
So she will do even more housework
And play with her baby in between
They will both be happy
And the house will be clean
Which will make everyone feel happier and more energetic
Which will inspire them to go for a run and walk the dog
Which will make them healthier
And happier
And more thirsty
Which will make them want to drink a glass of water.
Today before lunch I achieved more than I have in months! Well probably not months but it really feels that way. It’s so exciting.  And it really did all start with a glass of water. Have you had enough to drink today? If not, go pour yourself a big cool glass and reboot your day.
Drinking more water (and supplementing my diet with essential oils) is one of the goals I am working on with the Momedy Sketch Take Control Community Challenge.  If you want to join us, email me and I will hook you up.  People are working on everything from diet and exercise to taking control of their finances and weaning themselves of screen addictions.  Join us! Email me: kirstydotsayeratgmaildotcom,  I will hook you up!

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ANH said...

Duuude...I want essential oils! ;-)