It’s party time!

Ultimate Blog Party 2013
Whohooo!! So a few years ago I participated in the Ultimate Blog Party  for the first time, and it was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done as a blogger.  There really was a sense of festivity and community, and I met some of my favourite online friends that way. Since then, I’ve missed the boat a few times, so I was pretty stoked when I quite by accident, late this evening, I stumbled upon the party starting TONIGHT at midnight and thought I would jump in quickly. This means frantically cleaning up using my highly effective slob-friendly method and finding something impressive looking to feed everyone with 3 ingredients or less…but that’s ok. I work best under pressure anyway.
Also…I am not one to miss out on the opportunity to party. I am particularly fond of the over the top party. Here’s a link to the epic Hollywood Extravaganza a friend and our recently threw for our 10/11 year old girls.
hollywoodsign_thumb[2] (1)
and here’s how we celebrated my husband’s 40th at home earlier this week
OK! Wait! Introductions for those of you who are happening upon my humble blog for the first time. Welcome, come in! Leave your shoes on. Please!
(I have laid this out before, but it bears repeating: I don't like it when I have to take off my shoes at people's houses for the following reasons:)
1)There is a good chance my socks are not matching or are in some type of disrepair, exposing a 2.5 month old pedicure...nobody wants to see that.
2) If I take off my shoes my pants will most certainly be too long and I will make a swishing sound wherever I go as they drag around on the floor. Not a glamourous swoosh, you understand, more a shush..shooosh . I have the shortest legs of any normal sized woman alive. Or at least any you know. I'm fairly confident of this. My legs are not much longer than that of the average 10 year old. You think I am kidding. Sadly, no.
3)The shoes are part of the outfit. And one should never tamper with The Look. Particularly when on is relying on the shoes to keep the pants from dragging upon the floor which, I feel we can all agree,  is not a good Look.
(I don't like it when people take off their shoes at my house for the following reasons):
1) When they get home they will discover that their previously pristine socks are black and it will be revealed that my hardwood floors are far dirtier then they look in the carefully orchestrated dirt-hiding dim "atmosphere lighting"
2. Number one was the only reason but I sensed there needed to be a list here.
But hang on, where was I? Oh yes, there’s the pesky introduction thing…
I’m Kirsty, although I answer to Kristy, Kjirsty, Kristeen and..(more than once),  Krusty (curiously Kirsty is very hard for many Americans to pronounce). Oh yes, I am originally from South Africa. I live in Ohio now (and complain about it with boring regularity). I have 5 kids-1 toddler, 1 teen and 3 in between.  I have a sainted husband. I work as a personal trainer (specializing in MOMS-prenatal and post partum because of my experience as a prenatal/birth doula) but I love helping people of any age and any fitness level to get healthy and tap into their personal power.  Happy news is that I have teamed up with 5 mins for mom and donated TWO personal training prize packages (valued over $125) for 2 of you lucky people to win…so hustle over there and enter. I would love to work with you!

I am about as crazy as one would expect ..(you know…with all the kids and the dog and the bunny in the shoe-boxed size house and the living in Ohio land of the neverending winter and such). And then a little bit more, just for good measure. You’d understand if you’d ever medicated a bunny.   Or had THIS horrifying thing happen to you.
lip purse
My insanity is well chronicled throughout my blog.  I feel like we need to be real with each other, don’t you? Like when you’re having a “I hate being a mom” day? It’s good to know you’re not the only one and it doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong. Or when pestilence comes upon your house (in the form of…dun..dun.duuuuun LICE). Or when you suspect you are a fraud.
I’ve talked a lot about my battles with depression, particularly postpartum depression….which can last a long time after you have a baby, or crop up unexpectedly some time after you would have thought you were in the clear for all that.
Because I’ve had such a hard time getting my mojo back since our darling little surprise arrived, I recently started The Momedy Sketch Take Back Control Community challenge.  It’s going really well for me and I think it’s making a big difference to several of the other participants too.  Here are my 5 Tips for Taking Back Control of Your Life as learned in month one of the challenge. We would love to have you join us!
But enough about me, how about you? I can’t wait to meet you, your kids, your dog and your bunny. It’s ok if you don’t have a bunny…or kids..or a dog…I’m totally excited to get to know you all the same. You’re a cool person, I can tell. Comment here or if it’s easier, hop onto my facebook page or hit me up on twitter and we can party like it’s 1999. Or 2009 if you prefer.

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BARBIE said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog so I could come over to meet you! This is probably the craziest and funnest intro post I've ever read. I will have to go back and read it again. Oh yes I have kids, a dog AND a bunny, for real! Looking forward to getting to know you more!

Anonymous said...

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Misty said...

I'm here from the UBP. So nice to "meet" you. This is my fourth year hopping with 5M4M. It's such a great time every year.

Poekitten said...

I can relate to so many things you said! My pants always drag on the floor, sometimes even with my shoes on. I've perfect the frayed back hem look on my jeans:)

I think that hiring a doula was one of the best decisions we made regarding having a baby and I've been dealing with some PPD.

I'm following so I can come on back and be encouraged!

Jessica Bialowas said...

I want you to throw a party for me. Or just get me into shape. haha

I found you through the UBP 2013.

Epic said...

It's so great to meet you Kirsty! You sound like a hoot and a half. Can't wait to read more from you. Happy UBP13.

Trish Forant said...

Hi! I thought I'd stop in and show a little love by dropping a comment. I'm surfing on over from the UBP!

I'm five foot two so I can relate to the swoosh swoosh but I'm also one of those crazy people who ask everyone to take off their shoes cause I have hardwoods and I'm a little OCD at times. Hey, we're being honest right? Yes, I'm crazy and I'm ok with that. Hope you'll swing by and visit my crazy blog.

Party on! ::: Tossing Confetti :::

Lisa Nelson said...

So glad I found you on twitter. The black socks is so much like here. Plus, I also hate taking my shoes off at other peoples house. In fact, I always make a very good attempt to put on socks that are clean and don't have holes in them. Haha!

In actuality, the only place I take off my shoes is at my house - when no guests are around (with the exception of the Missionaries cause they HAVE to be nice).

Hee hee!

Renaissance Women said...

Hey Kirsty, thanks for stopping by Renaissance Women! I know how you feel about the hard wood floors and I live in Texas where the dust is never ending! What I did at Christmas is I picked up a couple of 3-packs of those fuzzy slipper socks that were on sale for really cheap and wrapped them individually. When the ladies came in they each picked a package and were told they had to wear them while they were in the house. Everyone loved them because they wanted to get out of the heels anyway, it kept their tootsies warm and they got a gift to take home! :)

Have a great weekend!

~ Cassandra from Renaissance Women

Sisters from Another Mister said...

You know, you would like FL so much more than OH ... and you can be outside all of the time getting your mojo on ... and maybe mine. because my *ss could do with kicking ;)

Katie E said...

Great to meet you through UBP! I don't have quite 5 kids - but I have three ranging from almost 12 to 2 so I know a little of what you deal with. And I appreciated everything you said about the no shoes thing - at others' homes and your own. I might be shorter than you :)

Anne said...

That picture of your bunny really cracked me up! lol

Thankfully I did not have PPD but I can see completely why people do... the whole adjustment to a new baby on top of the hormones and recovery from birth not to mention if you are nursing and that doesn't go smoothly, it can all definitely take their toll on the emotions.

Hope you have a great last few days of the UBP. :)

Elizabeth said...

Hi! Found you on UBP13 and your blog is awesome!! I'm a new blogger and hope you will come by and follow me at! Happy Blogging!

Grisel R said...

Hi, stopping in from UBP and so far I love your blog! I can't wait to stop in again and read more :)


Cathi said...

I’m stopping by from the UBP13. I hope you stop by our party for a slice of warm banana bread and cold milk.