Scenes from Easter 2012

The fam. Ella’s smug expression in this picture makes me laugh.
Hello friends, I hope you had a peaceful, glorious, uplifting and chocolate filled Easter weekend. We certainly did. I am so grateful for my knowledge of my Savior and His sacrifice and love for me.  His Atonement has given me such joy and peace over the course of my life. I am blessed.
Here are some pictures from Easter Sunday celebrations…
My lovely babies!  Another year of matchy joy for mama.  Do you think I can squeak out one more?
Da boyz                                                                             My little ladies
Our beloved Muss Cindi unknowingly coordinated with us perfectly! Just shows that she is one of the family.
I was laughing with the Sunday school class I teach earlier at church, about my fascination with growing Easter grass. I always panic that it won’t be ready in time for Easter. But why..I do not know. I never use it for anything. I just have to know that it is there.  It makes me happy.
And then it was time for the hunt
Ella took the whole thing very seriously..she looks quite trepidatious here in fact.
It was adorable to watch her excitement as she spotted eggs and bunnies and chickens, and her solemn satisfaction when she had one in chubby hand, ready to plop in her little basket. Last Easter she was just a teeny tiny fragile little newborn, just out of the hospital from her bout with RSV. This year she was ALL IN! It is amazing the difference a year makes. (Have I mentioned that before?)
look daddy
Poor, scared little bunny….
All of my little chickens in the garden….
I love this little freckled face!
Showing off the haul..
Inspecting it with solemnity
Benj is expertly extricating a forbidden substance from Ella’s mouth. He’s cool, that kid.
open, shut them, open, shut-them give a little clap…
And then it was time go to the Richardsons. For yet another hunt and an Easter feast.  We had a lovely lunch on the lilac scented lanai, laughing liltingly with loved ones.  (Ok fine, it was a deck not a lanai but I had something special going there….)
We sang happy birthday to Aaron (whose birthday with friends was kiboshed in favour of soccer…poor Aaron…I would never stand for such shenannigans on my birthday).
Have you ever seen so much joyful cuteness in one place? (That there is baby Axel, whose birth I attended at Thanksgiving(!!) 
Pretty friends. They are getting so big…sigh…look at them compared to last Easter
Ella spent the afternoon working diligently on her newly acquired stair mobility and destroying her brand new tights. Oh toddlerhood. I fear you.
Hostess with the mostest-Amy (takes entertaining very seriously).
And finally, some shots of the Food, glorious food. Doesn’t it look so very Springy?  When I took the picture somebody said, “that’s for the blog, isn’t it?”  Actually it was not, I just thought it looked so pretty and seasonally appropriate. And then, ended up here.
spring food
I made Aaron Carolyn’ s Life-changing Lemon cake.
And Amy made her famous macaroons. It would not be Easter without them.
I need Julie’s coconut cake recipe. It rocked my world.  And Cindi’s grape-pecan salad/dessert thingy.  I want to marry it. Watch this space m’peeps. I’ll hook you up. See if I don’t.

How was your Easter, lovelies?
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2busy said...

Great pictures! I love that your kids all matched. And the food looks delicious. Happy (late) Easter!

Lucia- insert creative nickname said...

Great pics from a great day, thanks for documenting it!! You are such a good journalist!

Janet said...

Gorgeous kids, gorgeous(well-coordinated) family. I always love your Easter pictures.

{ L } said...

You have a beautiful family! (as always) ;) It looks like such a good, quality time family day with delicious food too...